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  • Functionality
  • Access optimisation
  • Automation
  • Operating and machine protection
  • Exclusivity
  • Design

Our functional solutions meet individual circumstances and needs – using vast experience and the highest level of knowledge.

Access and access elements such as doors and gates must meet many requirements: In addition to the required noise protection, aspects such as functionality and safety must be achieved.

Mörz GmbH Schalldämmkabine Aluminiumsäge

Sound insulation cabin of an aluminium saw

for long processing components (up to 8 metres). The 3-fold, pneumatically-actuated lift gate is designed in its length in such a way that only the necessary opening width is operated.

Mörz GmbH Vollraum-Spritzschutzverkleidung

Full-room splash guard casing for a combi-machine
(lathing, milling and boring)

with integrated partition wall on the lift-revolving table (splash-proof) for the uninterruptible loading of the set-up position

Mörz GmbH Trennwände für Bearbeitungsmaschine

Separation of subareas of a working machine

with completely glazed sliding door system for better access.

Mörz GmbH Schallschutzverkleidung einer Gitterbox

Sound insulation casing of a lattice box on the extrusion outlet

The segmented lift gate is manually opened using a counterweight for the removal by forklift of the lattice box. Our range also includes a motoroperated lift gate design.

Mörz GmbH Sonderanfertigungen Integrierte Teil-Schallschutzverkleidung

Integrated component sound insulation casing

for installation in a whole test stand for braking systems – automobile industry.

Mörz GmbH Sonderanfertigungen Schalldämmverkleidung für Kälteanlage

Sound insulation casing for refrigerating plant

Mörz Metallbearbeitungs GmbH Sonderanfertigungen Schalldämmkabine

Complete sound insulation cabin for heat recovery plant on the roof of a company

Mörz Metallbearbeitungs GmbH Sonderanfertigungen CNC-Einhausung

Dust protection cabin for highly sensitive measuring instruments

Reward for good design Zeiss Company, Oberkochen, Germany.

Mörz Metallbearbeitungs GmbH Sonderanfertigungen Käfig

Protective fence for labour and machine protection

Sophisticated lattice and door elements by MÖRZ effectively secure critical areas. With the protective grids, the most individual protective fences can be established; combination with other dust preventing, splash guarding and sound insulating elements is also possible