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A company with Calibre

MÖRZ supplies casing systems for Lockheed Martin/USA.

Since 1986, MÖRZ Metallbearbeitungs GmbH from Neuburg/Kammel has positioned itself in a sustainably positive way on the global market with the development, project planning, production and assembly of casing systems for noise, splash and security protection.
This year, the family-run company realised the largest single order in the company’s history.
On behalf of a renowned German manufacturer of machining centres – the company DST product range Droop + Rein – MÖRZ has produced a perfect casing system with extensive individual solutions for the end consumer Lockheed Martin, one of the largest Amer­ican aircraft manufacturers.

The machining centre, for which MÖRZ has developed, planned, produced and assembled a casing system, is located in the high-security area of Lockheed Martin in Texas. This means that the highest demands are placed on both the machinery and the casing.
The fulfilment of criteria for noise and splash protection, industrial/employee safety and consistent tempering by means of air conditioning is the pre-requisite for high-precision processing of the work pieces, which are to be made on the machining centre.

The dimensions of the casing alone are imposing:
40m long, 19m wide and 9.5m high,
partitioned with a multitude of automatic gate systems in the proc­essing area, various pallet set-up and cleaning locations and areas for tool prep­aration and operating.

An additional challenge was the optical adjustment to the pre-existing structural conditions: Instinct and knowledge were required to ensure optimal integration into the existing working environment, both optically and procedurally. Compliance with national and international standards and safety regulations is naturally a basic condition for such an order.

The air conditioning of the entire system to 21°C +/- 1K must be consistently maintained without fail. On the accessible roof – with access via mainte­-nance platforms and stairs – approx. 15.5 tonnes of air conditioning technology guar­antee a constant temperature in all areas of the casing, so that a consistent precision is guaranteed over the entirety of the components being processed.

Small automatic, pneumatically-driven tool changers were also part of this gigantic machinery casing, as were service doors, screen-proof roller shutters and hangar doors of a column-free width of up to 15m. A comprehensive overhead crane was only installed in the machining hall to enable services and repair work to be carried out on the processing machine.

And other figures also impressively prove the magnitude of the project: 1071 items with a total of 24,500 individual parts were dispatched to the USA. The weight of the casing was 140 tonnes, of which the steel structure alone is 40 tonnes. The total surface of the wall elements was 2,860m² and a total surface area of 6,200m² was powder-coated.

After a production period of just 7 weeks, 83 pallets in 15 containers “set forth” on the long journey.
The first transportation segment was carried out by HGV to Antwerp and from there to Houston by ship. Here, the containers were loaded back onto HGVs, where they were delivered to the end consumer after arrival at their destination in Texas, USA. The specific logistical challenge was that a max­imum of 2 containers could be stored on the building site at any one time. Only after these pallets were processed could new containers be sorted. Through optimal process organisation and a structured process sequence, MÖRZ was able to successfully conclude the project in a period of 3.5 months, with just 4 MÖRZ fitters, who fitted both the MÖRZ-own products as well as directing 7 American suppliers.

MÖRZ is able to rely on an enormous amount of experience in the field of casing systems for noise and splash protection. The symbiosis of specialist competence, research and development and the high level of specialisation and individualisation are attributes, which have secured MÖRZ impressive market shares for many years and which were the deciding criteria for allocating the Lockheed Martin project order.

The focal point of the daily work at MÖRZ is to realise individual overall concepts. In doing so, all working stages – from customer consultation to devel­opment/construction, production, finishing and assembly – are carried out exclusively using internal employees.
MÖRZ supplies industrial customers throughout the world with integrated complete solutions. The project realisation for Lockheed Martin was the largest individual order to date. As a result, MÖRZ has impressively proven that such a demand is no problem for the 40-man company.