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pneumatic, hydraulic or electric, 2-6 wings, lintel-free, without bottom guide including accident and collision protection

We are aware of the importance of special gates for smooth running work processes in the everyday lives of our customers, as these are the windows and access to high-quality machines. Different aspects in terms of size, speed, space reduction, spatial adaptation and functionality must be taken into account and met with optimal accessibility, splash guard, penetration resistance, sound insulation and safety.

Traversenhubtore im Palettensystem von mörz

Traverse lift gate in palletting system of a large working centre

with communal drive of all individual segments through independent transmissions – Simultaneous operation of all lamellas – without segment synchronisation – gentle and quiet operation

Traversenhubtore im Palettensystem inklusive Einhausung  von mörz

Traverse lift gate in palletting system including casing of several working centres, protected zone separated using safety fence

Traverse lift gates can be individually adapted, number of elements and
design of elements can be adapted with segment overlapping

Breadth of gate:  
1000 to 8000 mm
Height of gate:    
1000 to 8000 mm
Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic

Automatisches Traversenhubtor von Mörz
Automatic traverse lift gate with cable pull drive in a working centre
Sturz- und Schwellenfreies Faltflügeltor von Mörz

Folding door free from lintels and sills

with splash guard and penetration resistance. Separate electrical drive for every side of the gate.

Werkzrugwechseltor von Mörz

Tool changing gate on a working centre

with motor-operated drive for the horizontal sliding gate sector and telescopic movement for adjustment on the crossbeams.

Absenkbares Traversenhubtor von Mörz

Lowerable traverse lift and horizontal gate for crane lift use of sandblasting equipment.

Profound sound insulation and dust protection equipment with a breadth of 10 metres.

Automatisches Schiebetürensystem von Mörz

Automatic sliding door system on a palletting system between magazine and working facilities.

Design, such as colour, inspection window and protection fuses, can be individually adapted

Torsysteme für Palettenanlage von Mörz

Gate system for palletting system with lintel-free and sill-free dual sliding door.

Schallgedämmtes Sektional-Rolltor von Mörz GmbH

Sound-insulated sectional roller shutter with sliding window elements in the lower section.

Werkzeugwechseltor von Mörz in Orange

Tool changing door on a working centre

with motor-operated drive for horizontal sliding gate section and pneumatic support of the telescopic movement for permanent contact pressure on the crossbeams. Height 8 metres.

Spezialrolltor von Mörz in Grün

Special roller shutter for working centre,

which makes it possible to open the cabin vertically and horizontally to frontload with a crane. Guided and compelled opening and closing movement. Equipment  with splash guard and sound insulation and penetration resistance.

Werkstückwechseltor 10 m breit von Mörz

Component changing door

before the installation with hydraulic drive to lower into the foundation for better loading and unloading of components Gate breadth 10 metres


  • Stable frame construction
  • Sprocket drive per segment
  • Drive via bevel gear motor and frequency inverter
  • Lifting lowering speed up to 1m/s
  • Adjustable speed
  • Segment overlap
  • No segment synchronisation
  • Gentle and quiet operation


  • Gate width 1,000 mm to 8,000 mm
  • Gate height 1,000 mm to 8,000 mm
  • Powered electrically, hydraulically, pneumatically
  • Element number adaptable
  • Element design adaptable
  • Individually designs possible


  • Penetration resistance up to 2000 J
  • Heat protection up to 400 degrees
  • Sound insulation up to 43 dB (A)
  • Splash guard up to 100 bar
  • Safety barrier
  • Safety edge
  • Light barrier protection
  • Variable inspection window
  • Colour as desired
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